BAAB Sectional Overhead Doors​

BAAB Door is a cost effective solution to meet all the requirements of a sectional overhead door for Garage and Industrial applications whether it is Aluminum or Steel, manually or electrically operated from the right source. Our doors are among the best in the world because we understand your needs. The door system is completely tailor made to meet the correct specifications and requirements of the customer. More..


Fire Rated Shutter Doors - FRSD

Safety is of extreme importance when complying with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. As with any form of motor driven door, all FRSD Doors are fitted with safety brakes coupled with a suitable drive ratio so as not to activate when the door is closing in controlled descent.FRSD doors are custom made to fit any opening, are available in galvanized steel and can be powder coated to suit any project More..

Rolltech Rolling Shutter

A cost effective solution to meet the requirements of a better Rolling Shutter for Garage and Industrial application, whether it is Aluminum or steel, manually or electrica​​lly operated. The system is tailor made to meet the correct specifications and requirements of the customers.The doors are available in four major varaints like Steel/Aluminium, Extruded Aluminium Slat, Slat with ventilation  More..

Dock Leveller

The dock leveller is static or mobile equipment which is used to fill the distance between a loading dock or similar loading areas and the loading surface of a vehicle that can be at different levels. The dock leveller is not designed to lift or lower goods. The operation is therefore not intended to lift the load, but only to modify the position of the dock leveller, without any load. The dock leveller is not suitable to carry loads if it is More..

Dock Shelter

MEI Dock Shelters are used to protect Goods and to keep a temperature controlled facility at the correct temperature while the doors are open during loading and unloading operations. The Dock Shelters are manufactured to provide optimum stability and durability and to provide an optimum seal between the internal and external environments and assist with the reduction of energy consumption by reducing the loss of expensive  More..

PVC & Fabric Fast Coiling Doors

BAAB provides the complete loading bay area solutions from top worldwide principles such as Fast Coiling Doors (high-speed doors) which offer you several types of positive economic accumulation by eliminating problems like bulky functioning, waste of time and loss of energy experienced in alternative door systems with the performance of being opened and closed hundred times. FAST Coiling Door is a unique More..