​Polyurethane which was invented around the late 1930's is used by many people nowadays. Whether we realise it or not, we sleep, sit and walk on it, pass under, drive in and fly with it. We even change the colours of our lives with it as we refurbish our world with it. To help protecting our world and her vunerable environment, we insulate with it. Polyurethane block foam (PUR) is made by mixing a polyol blend with an isocyanate and a blowing agent. The components used and the production method determine the end properties of the foam. Specific characteristics for these foams are density, dimensional stability, foam stru​cture, compressive strength, fire behavior and insulation value. All PUR block foams have high insulation values and are available in densities of 32 kg/m3 up to 200 kg/m3..

This is then fabricated into pipe sections or Panels and supplied for the insulation of all types of building service/process pipe and ductwork.


Middle East Insulation LLC has a certificate from Dubai Central Laboratory as well as Dubai Municipality for PUR Insulation foam.

For Dubai Municipality certificate click here

Certificate from Dubai Central laboratory for PUR click here

Properties with specifications of PU B3​

Value of PU B3
Thermal Conductivity
BS 4370-PT.2 Method 7/1973
water Absorption
0.032-0.035 gm/cm3 . day
BS 4370 Method 2/1968
35-38 kg/m3
Close Cell Content
BS 4370 Method 10/1968
Compressive strength @ 10% strain
BS 4370 Method 3/1968
130kn/m2 parallel to thickness
Dimensional Stability
BS 4370 Method 5B/1968
0~+0.5% for 14 days @ 100C
Water Vapor Transmission
BS EN 4370 PT .2 Method 8/1973
0.33 gm/m2 Hg. day
Friability (% of weight loss/minute)
BS 4370 PT .2 Method 12/1974
5.3 gm/min
Fire Resistance
DIN 4120
Class B3