​RESOLCO INSULATION LLC are the sole agent and distributor of the GCC and East Africa markets promoting rigid form Phenolic CFC and HCFC blocks which are produced by RESOLCO INTERNATIONAL BV - NETHERLANDS. We fabricate to service the HVAC industry, insulation as pipe section for chilled/hot/cold pipes and​​ pipe support and all panels application.

Insul-phen is the ONLY Phenolic insulation in the world that can offer all of the following
​Has the lowest insulation value - saving space, saving ENERGY
Fire and smoke safe - helping to SAVE lives
Resists moisture ingress - CRITICAL in hot and humid climates
Is 100% CFC and HCFC free - environmentally friendly

Insul-phen is manufactured under strict quality control conditions and produced as rigid blocks in standard densities from 40kg/m3 (2.5lb/ft3) to 160kg/m3 (10lb/ft3). The higher density material is used specifically for the fabrication of pipe supports. Insul-phen can be cut to suit any pipe or vessel in any thickness - and all types of fittings including bends/elbows and vessel heads/domes.Insul-phen is produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Holland, to the unique formulation. The plant produces rigid blocks of a consistently uniform size and shape - free from pin holes, voids and cracks that compromise the performance of other products.

This is then fabricated into pipe sections or pre-formed fittings and supplied for the insulation of all types of building service/process pipe and ductwork, in;

Food plants
Pharmaceutical factories
​Fire Test Video