Sandwich Panels are available in Aluminium and Steel profiles. These panels are specially designed for building requiring high insulation values. The factory injected insulation core with polyurethane gives excellent properties. MEI can provide a wide range of colors with reasonable period of time. A stock of fast moving color is available. Polyurethane insulation composed principally of the catalyzed products of polyisocyanate and polyhydroxyl closed-cell structure. It is used world wide as insulation against temperature extremes and has been adapted as one of the best energy material in the building industry.


Middle East Insulation manufactures roof and wall sandwich panels by use of PUR, PIR and Phenol with external and internal sheets of steel ALu Zinc or Aluminum of different thickness, coating and colors

Suitable for roof and wall of industrial, commercial and agricultural building

  • • Easy to handle
  • • panel with light weight
  • • can be used with large spans
  • • produce high insulation values due to its cell structure
  • • Ensure very low vapor permeability due to closed cells structure


Free from CFC/HCFC mean no effect on Ozone Layer


Middle East Insulation LLC has a certificate from Dubai Municipality, Please click here

Middle East Insulation LLC has been certified by Dubai Central laboratory for PUR and PIR Insulation foam, Please follow the link click here


MEI sandwich panels are mainly available in 5 profiles as stated below. For more information on the profiles please follow the links.

  • • MEI 32/250 PU Sandwich Panel, please click here
  • • MEI 45/250 PU Sandwich Panel, please click here
  • • MEI 38/200 PU Sandwich Panel, please click here
  • • MEI 45/150 PU Sandwich Panel, please click here


  • • Steel yield strength 345 N/mm², Elastic modulus 205 KN/mm².
  • • Aluminium yield 170 N/mm², modulus 70 KN/mm².
  • • Maximum combination of working loads 1.5 KN/ m².
  • • Span selected as the minimum value from pressure and suction case, assuming no bond slip..
  • • Bottom skin (Liner) thickness = 0.5mm..
  • • Allowable elastic deflection is L/150<20mm. .
  • • Multi - span construction..


  • • Thermal conductivity of polyurethane (P.U.) is 0.02 W/m. °C
  • • Metal sheets ignored.
  • • Summer condition at roof (Heat transfer from out to inside)..
  • • Assumed external wind speed 4mph(6.4 km/h)