MEI Z - Section are secondary structural members used to gab between frames. These profiles are made from preheat dipped galvanized steel, G275 coating based on BSEN 10147 with minimum guaranteed yield strength 350 N/mm². The metal thickness varies from 1.5mm to 2.5 mm. Sleeves are used to join purlin above frames, where as 6 to 8 mm cleats and 16mm bolts are usually used to connect this profile to building frames.

The section reference of a Z-Section 202mm deep and 2.5mm thick=202 Z25. The first three digits of section reference indicate the depth of the section in millimeters (ie: 202 equals 202mm deep). The fourth digit is a letter that signifies the profile type(ie: Z for Z profile). The last two digits indicate the material thickness 25 equals 2.5mm).